Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3D Final

Character Turn Around
Work In Progress
Final Image

            This is the sad tail of a poor soul that was not quite an octopus and not quite a boy. His name is Ozzi, he has an octopus father and a human mother. Ozzi was born with an octopus head and two tentacles. Unfortunately for him extra limbs weren't supplied on his end of the gene pool. 
Growing up, Ozzi lived in the Bronx, where his mother's family resided. In elementary school the kids always picked on him an made fun of him because he was different. This form of bullying molded him into what he is today. Ozzi is now a rebellious teenager who doesn't follow the rules. He is a loner, sees himself as someone who can do whatever they want. In his eyes he is the king and expresses his emotions through the art of graffiti. 


  1. very very cool, you should be proud Charles!

  2. Thanks Mike, Kevin and Megan!
    Reece... I know, it's a tragic tale...

  3. It's so cool to see the final photo with the narrative in action! It came together really well.

  4. Thanks Ch-Chang! It turned out to be a fun project after all haha. I want to see your final image!